About Us

The UBC Canadian Geotechnical Society Student Chapter (The Chapter) is a newly formed,
student-led organization and part of a pilot project initiated by the Canadian Geotechnical
Society to engage students with an interest in the field of geotechnics. The Chapter operates
in close collaboration with the Vancouver Geotechnical Society (VGS), providing a bridge
between the local geotechnical industry and UBC geotechnical engineering. A diverse mix of
Civil, Mining, and Geological Engineering undergraduate and graduate students comprise our
chapter’s executive team, who are supported by Faculty Advisors in Civil and Geological

The Chapter aims to promote professional development for students and advance the
education of its members in geotechnics through three main areas; social events, community
outreach, and technical activities. We plan on conducting our events through the generous
support of the local industry, the University of British Columbia, and the VGS. Any
contribution made to our Chapter will help support the events and foster increasing
engagement between students and industry professionals.
Please have a look at our sponsorship package for details about our events and how you can
contribute to support our endeavor.


To support the Canadian Geotechnical Society in its goal of pursuing efforts leading to
technical competence and excellence of Canadian geotechnical engineering and related
geoscience professionals through student involvement.



● To extend student outreach and awareness of geotechnical engineering, an
underrepresented branch of engineering within high school students and lower-year


● To provide opportunities for students to gauge their interest in geotechnical
engineering by becoming aware of it earlier in their education.


● To provide opportunities for students interested in geotechnical engineering to
upgrade their skills via industry-hosted lectures and workshops.


● To provide opportunities to meet, exchange views and experience, establish
networks, and socialize.


● To develop cooperation with affiliated national and international organizations.

● To develop, maintain, and improve communication between interested students and
geotechnical professionals in Canada.